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Rodeo Scottsdale’s Frequently-Asked Questions

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Where can I learn about the Rodeo Scottsdale organization?
Who is the PRCA?
Who is the official rodeo photographer for this year?
Who are the sponsors of Rodeo Scottsdale?
Who are the PRCA contract bullfighters for this rodeo?
Who is the PRCA specialty act at the rodeo this year?
Who are the Scottsdale Charros?
Who is singing the National Anthem at the rodeo this year?
Who is having a concert at the rodeo this year?

What are the events of the rodeo?
What do I need to bring to the rodeo?
What should I wear to the rodeo?
What does my ticket purchase include?
What is the order of rodeo events?
What is a Head Honcho?
What is the parking fee?
What is the ticket refund policy?
What if I only want to go to the concert/dance?
Besides watching the rodeo performance, what can I do while there?

When do the rodeo performances start/end?
When is Rodeo Scottsdale happening?
When does the dance and live music concert begin?
When do the gates open for the rodeo?
When do tickets go on sale?
When is the Trails End Parade?

Where is the rodeo located?
Where do the concerts and dances take place?
Where can I get tickets for the rodeo?
What seats are the best to get?

Why is there partly-assigned seating?
Why are tickets 100% digital?

How can I volunteer for Rodeo Scottsdale?
How do I buy tickets online?
How much do tickets cost?
How many rodeo performances are there?
How do I sign my child up for mutton busting or steer riding?
How do I get into the dance/live concert?
How can I become a sponsor of the rodeo?
How can I become a vendor at the rodeo?
How can I sign up to compete in the rodeo?
How can I become a Head Honcho?

Can I bring outside food/beverages?
Can I bring my dog?
Is each of the rodeo performances the same?
Is handicapped seating/parking available?
Are seats indoors or outdoors? Do bleacher seats have backrests?
Can I bring my camera/video recorder?
Is this a non-smoking event?
Is the rodeo rain or shine?
Is there a military or senior discount on tickets?
Will food be available to purchase at the rodeo?
Are there ATMs available?
Do I need to arrive early to get my seat?
Can I purchase tickets at the rodeo?
Does the rodeo sell out?



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